the other two pairs of shoes in a central location outside of the shoe also highlight the use of the "N graphics" logo. 2, six pairs of shoes on the tag are marked "N Graphics" logo and "N · PAI" word, "Manufacturer" column marked with the New Zealand squad Fallon corporate name. Which in addition to the above four pairs of shoes tag content, but also another one both sides are marked "New Balance" on the tag. 3, shoebox six pairs of shoes used the same shoebox front with "N Graphics" logo. Four, six pairs of shoes were also held in the tongue, after help,  air max 95 insole and other locations using the "N Graphics" identical or similar logo and "N · PAI" and logo. In addition, the new company submitted to the trial court to balance its two pairs of shoes purchased separately

 accused of infringement, which purchased  air max 90 essential a pair of Xicheng District, Deichmann Shoes, another pair purchased in Ningbo, the second store. Trial, the New Balance company said its business in China "new balance" sneakers commissioned by the Department of the licensing process, and then be sold by the dealer, but New Balance enjoy all the intellectual property rights of goods. 2 old name was borrowed product counterfeiting trial court examined: New Balance in 1970, incorporated in Massachusetts. In 1983, New Balance company approved by the State Trademark Bureau, in class 25 (shoes) on commodity registration No. 175151 "N and map" trademark No. 175152 "NB" trademark No. 175153 "new balance" trademark, the continued to show above-average

 mark in the period. New Balance company's "new balance" on both sides of the shoe sneakers prominent use uppercase, bold letters "N" logo. New Balance since entering the Chinese market, has opened several stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and other parts of the country. 2004, New Balance, Inc. and its related companies are using advertising, publicity, promotion on the "Shopping Guide", "Weekly", "Shanghai Weekly", "weekend", "upper" and many other newspapers and magazines. "newbalance "sneakers. A large number of ads highlighting the "newbalance" sneakers on both sides of the shoe using "N letters" logo. Quanzhou New Zealand squad Fallon Founded in 2007, engaged in the production of shoes, hats, clothing, and other sports and