cultural goods, currently set up shop in the country, and use the "New Balance" as shop signs, selling its production of sports shoes. In addition, publicity, promotion through outdoor advertising, print media and other means. New Balance company said its products since the 1980s through agents into China, there was the "new balance" translated as "New Balance" as the Chinese name of the external use of its products. After 2004 years  nike flyknit air max ago, the company opened a new equilibrium "New Balance" as the Chinese name of the product, then this is not actively used "New Balance." 3 second instance upheld the compensation 480,000 yuan Shanghai Second Intermediate Court has examined, the trial court identified the fact that basic truth. There, 

beneath the right side of the trial, the court than the right, the body charged with "N Graphics" logo on both sides of the infringing goods in sport shoes in different colors to  air max thea use two slightly smaller deformation slash uppercase, bold "N "logo, the main external sleeve have different colors and body frame, and some accused of infringing goods" set on the main N graphic identity "has a different shape patterns. Above "N Graphics" logo and the New Zealand squad Fallon approved the use of a registered trademark infringing goods used in sports shoes on both sides of the accused are not identical. The court held that, in this case the main focus is on the parties to the dispute: whether the company is a new balance of its claim "new balance sports shoes using both sides

'N letters' ID" decorating right person; 2 New Balance claims. whether "new bal-ance" sneakers constitute well-known commodity, "sports shoes using both sides 'N letters' ID" constitutes a unique decoration known commodity; 3. New Zealand squad Fallon is on the use of the allegedly infringing goods "" trademark (trademark Registration No. 4,236,766), the New Zealand squad Fallon whether to implement a new balance of the company's unfair competition. Shoes and apparel industry in this year's competition is very fierce, particularly affected by high inventory, in order to avoid creating new pressure on the stock, many shoes and apparel companies to develop appropriate measures early on. Li Ning, the official mall initiative arrangements with distributors,