control orders. Data show that in 2012, Li Ning brand orders decline over 20%. Back in December, a lot of shoes and apparel companies started the year off to battle. In the two-eleven and twelve pairs in the official website of Adidas, Nike and other famous international brand sports brand Join electricity providers making war section.For shoes and apparel enterprises, the year is the best time to solve the inventory, increase sales, especially at the end of the line sale. Half of the cap, as low as 59 yuan and other gimmicks everywhere, Pacific Princess, special steps, air max 90 hyperfuse Anta and other domestic brand strength are not to be underestimated. Even foreign brands lacoste shoes, which are about half of the magnitude deals. End shoes store, through a lower

 discount price, always attract a large number of consumers, especially the well-known brand is attractive, similar to crocodile lacoste especially popular brands such as business people, and Adidas running shoes are popular Welcome to the younger age groups. The traditional concept of people affected by   air max classic bw Chinese New Year weather, the shopping spree is not surprising emergence. Year promotional market competition is so fierce, rely on a simple discount is clearly not enough. Warrior sneakers on a timely choice, the rhythm, control customer price, not only to clean up the inventory also return the funds. Shoes and apparel companies to expand sales, most of the reason is because the pressure on the stock. Through low-cost approach to achieve inventory 

digestion though wise, but if the blind promotion, it will be difficult to achieve profitability. Similar shoes this new Disney brand and corporate marketing alliances also combined into a good way. Customers with coupons issued electronic business platform is the most common approach taken by traditional shoes and apparel companies on such promotions, you can achieve a substantial increase sales on. For example, the introduction of buy buy alligator shoes Crocodile official online activities, in order to attract consumers. In response to market competition, shoes and apparel brands through