exchange of resources, alliances promotional way as New Year Sale promotion policy, not only to achieve inventory digestion, and promotional costs savings. But the level of a wide range of promotional activities must take a holistic concept, combined with relevant marketing tools, in order to effectively achieve  air max 180 the desired results promotion, played elevate shoes store turnover, improve brand equity and enhance the vitality of important brand shoes effect. 2012, in the face more intense competition in the market, binary struck again become 2012 World Ultimate Sailing Series Qingdao station title sponsor; 2012 Asian Badminton Championships to become a volunteer and staff member designated clothing brand, which is the binary sports marketing

 strategy another upgrade. Sports marketing is to sports activities as a carrier to promote their products and brands in a marketing campaign, is a means of marketing. There are two kinds of understanding of sports marketing: one is the sports industry as a sports marketing, merchandising, another is the use of sports marketing activities in other industries carried out. Sports marketing is usually to refer to the second. To carry forward the Olympic spirit, into air max 1  the high-end market, binary solidarity Beijing bid for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, binary hired world-renowned painter, outstanding design guru Bilic as binary product development of international economic development consultant, to further enhance the image of sports products.

 In 2000, in Sydney to enjoy the "Olympic painter," said Bilic Art House, 26 models from China shows the "Double Star Bilic" series of sports products, won the audience's applause. Binary solidarity with quality products to bid for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, with the Olympic speed up the pace of the international market. January 1, 2008 is the CCTV Olympic Channel launched on the first day, the Double Star Group, title sponsor of the Double Star Chinese Junior Champion contest ran 31 feet fresh pre-empted; May 2008, the Olympic torch will be passed to Everest, binary bead board for Olympic torch peak provides active sponsorship and support. As a sports brand, Double Star will have an important position in sports marketing. In this regard, the binary