has accumulated 30 years of experience in sports marketing, the 1980s began sponsoring sports, to support the development of Chinese sports. As the International Women's Volleyball Tournament held in the 1980s, sponsored by Ma's Army in the 1990s, the National Games. In 1996, the binary on the badminton soon, time, binary funded the establishment of the Asia's first professional badminton club, binary badminton team is the first to get  nike huarache  the Chinese badminton team professional league championship, and won three consecutive years, China Badminton League champion. 2000 after the formation of binary Eagle basketball team, sponsored by China National expedition to climb Mount Everest. When the 2005 Sudirman Cup for the first time to China, the 

Double Star sponsored the event; in 2011, the converse all star Double Star Group twelfth title Sudirman Cup world mixed team badminton championship, binary design a full range of professional badminton clothing debut high quality products recognized binary, binary and the International Badminton Federation entered into a strategic partnership. 2012 World Ultimate Sailing Series Qingdao station "Double Star Cup" tournament opening night at the Olympic Sailing Center Octagon Plaza, Qingdao Double Star celebrity for this station activities provide clothing, bags and other supplies, Vice Chairman of Qingdao City, Qingdao major representative Li Xuehai international sailing events (festivals) to the tournament organizing committee, the main sponsor of the Double Star 

Group presented "outstanding Contribution Award." international extreme sailing series and the America's Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, sailing against the world and known as the International Sailing Tour linking the four special events this season in the world located eight races, Qingdao station is one of the second leg. Double Star Group in 2011 with the foundation of successful cooperation committee Qingdao station on 2012 but the title of the top events, known as the sports industry companies, binary and marine sports industry and common development, to achieve the sports city of Qingdao, sailing great development have made a positive contribution. For over 30 years, constantly involved in sports binary organized a series of events, activities,