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the other two pairs of shoes in a central location outside of the shoe also highlight the use of the "N graphics" logo. 2, six pairs of shoes on the tag are marked "N Graphics" logo and "N · PAI" word, "Manufacturer" column marked with the New Zealand squad Fallon corporate name. Which in addition to the above four pairs of shoes tag content, but also another one both sides are marked "New Balance" on the tag. 3, shoebox six pairs of shoes used the same shoebox front with "N Graphics" logo. Four, six pairs of shoes were also held in the tongue, after help,  air max 95 insole and other locations using the "N Graphics" identical or similar logo and "N · PAI" and logo. In addition, the new company submitted to the trial court to balance its two pairs of shoes purchased separately

 accused of infringement, which purchased  air max 90 essential a pair of Xicheng District, Deichmann Shoes, another pair purchased in Ningbo, the second store. Trial, the New Balance company said its business in China "new balance" sneakers commissioned by the Department of the licensing process, and then be sold by the dealer, but New Balance enjoy all the intellectual property rights of goods. 2 old name was borrowed product counterfeiting trial court examined: New Balance in 1970, incorporated in Massachusetts. In 1983, New Balance company approved by the State Trademark Bureau, in class 25 (shoes) on commodity registration No. 175151 "N and map" trademark No. 175152 "NB" trademark No. 175153 "new balance" trademark, the continued to show above-average

 mark in the period. New Balance company's "new balance" on both sides of the shoe sneakers prominent use uppercase, bold letters "N" logo. New Balance since entering the Chinese market, has opened several stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and other parts of the country. 2004, New Balance, Inc. and its related companies are using advertising, publicity, promotion on the "Shopping Guide", "Weekly", "Shanghai Weekly", "weekend", "upper" and many other newspapers and magazines. "newbalance "sneakers. A large number of ads highlighting the "newbalance" sneakers on both sides of the shoe using "N letters" logo. Quanzhou New Zealand squad Fallon Founded in 2007, engaged in the production of shoes, hats, clothing, and other sports and

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     cultural goods, currently set up shop in the country, and use the "New Balance" as shop signs, selling its production of sports shoes. In addition, publicity, promotion through outdoor advertising, print media and other means. New Balance company said its products since the 1980s through agents into China, there was the "new balance" translated as "New Balance" as the Chinese name of the external use of its products. After 2004 years  nike flyknit air max ago, the company opened a new equilibrium "New Balance" as the Chinese name of the product, then this is not actively used "New Balance." 3 second instance upheld the compensation 480,000 yuan Shanghai Second Intermediate Court has examined, the trial court identified the fact that basic truth. There, 

    beneath the right side of the trial, the court than the right, the body charged with "N Graphics" logo on both sides of the infringing goods in sport shoes in different colors to  air max thea use two slightly smaller deformation slash uppercase, bold "N "logo, the main external sleeve have different colors and body frame, and some accused of infringing goods" set on the main N graphic identity "has a different shape patterns. Above "N Graphics" logo and the New Zealand squad Fallon approved the use of a registered trademark infringing goods used in sports shoes on both sides of the accused are not identical. The court held that, in this case the main focus is on the parties to the dispute: whether the company is a new balance of its claim "new balance sports shoes using both sides

    'N letters' ID" decorating right person; 2 New Balance claims. whether "new bal-ance" sneakers constitute well-known commodity, "sports shoes using both sides 'N letters' ID" constitutes a unique decoration known commodity; 3. New Zealand squad Fallon is on the use of the allegedly infringing goods "" trademark (trademark Registration No. 4,236,766), the New Zealand squad Fallon whether to implement a new balance of the company's unfair competition. Shoes and apparel industry in this year's competition is very fierce, particularly affected by high inventory, in order to avoid creating new pressure on the stock, many shoes and apparel companies to develop appropriate measures early on. Li Ning, the official mall initiative arrangements with distributors,

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     control orders. Data show that in 2012, Li Ning brand orders decline over 20%. Back in December, a lot of shoes and apparel companies started the year off to battle. In the two-eleven and twelve pairs in the official website of Adidas, Nike and other famous international brand sports brand Join electricity providers making war section.For shoes and apparel enterprises, the year is the best time to solve the inventory, increase sales, especially at the end of the line sale. Half of the cap, as low as 59 yuan and other gimmicks everywhere, Pacific Princess, special steps, air max 90 hyperfuse Anta and other domestic brand strength are not to be underestimated. Even foreign brands lacoste shoes, which are about half of the magnitude deals. End shoes store, through a lower

     discount price, always attract a large number of consumers, especially the well-known brand is attractive, similar to crocodile lacoste especially popular brands such as business people, and Adidas running shoes are popular Welcome to the younger age groups. The traditional concept of people affected by   air max classic bw Chinese New Year weather, the shopping spree is not surprising emergence. Year promotional market competition is so fierce, rely on a simple discount is clearly not enough. Warrior sneakers on a timely choice, the rhythm, control customer price, not only to clean up the inventory also return the funds. Shoes and apparel companies to expand sales, most of the reason is because the pressure on the stock. Through low-cost approach to achieve inventory 

    digestion though wise, but if the blind promotion, it will be difficult to achieve profitability. Similar shoes this new Disney brand and corporate marketing alliances also combined into a good way. Customers with coupons issued electronic business platform is the most common approach taken by traditional shoes and apparel companies on such promotions, you can achieve a substantial increase sales on. For example, the introduction of buy buy alligator shoes Crocodile official online activities, in order to attract consumers. In response to market competition, shoes and apparel brands through 

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    exchange of resources, alliances promotional way as New Year Sale promotion policy, not only to achieve inventory digestion, and promotional costs savings. But the level of a wide range of promotional activities must take a holistic concept, combined with relevant marketing tools, in order to effectively achieve  air max 180 the desired results promotion, played elevate shoes store turnover, improve brand equity and enhance the vitality of important brand shoes effect. 2012, in the face more intense competition in the market, binary struck again become 2012 World Ultimate Sailing Series Qingdao station title sponsor; 2012 Asian Badminton Championships to become a volunteer and staff member designated clothing brand, which is the binary sports marketing

     strategy another upgrade. Sports marketing is to sports activities as a carrier to promote their products and brands in a marketing campaign, is a means of marketing. There are two kinds of understanding of sports marketing: one is the sports industry as a sports marketing, merchandising, another is the use of sports marketing activities in other industries carried out. Sports marketing is usually to refer to the second. To carry forward the Olympic spirit, into air max 1  the high-end market, binary solidarity Beijing bid for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, binary hired world-renowned painter, outstanding design guru Bilic as binary product development of international economic development consultant, to further enhance the image of sports products.

     In 2000, in Sydney to enjoy the "Olympic painter," said Bilic Art House, 26 models from China shows the "Double Star Bilic" series of sports products, won the audience's applause. Binary solidarity with quality products to bid for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, with the Olympic speed up the pace of the international market. January 1, 2008 is the CCTV Olympic Channel launched on the first day, the Double Star Group, title sponsor of the Double Star Chinese Junior Champion contest ran 31 feet fresh pre-empted; May 2008, the Olympic torch will be passed to Everest, binary bead board for Olympic torch peak provides active sponsorship and support. As a sports brand, Double Star will have an important position in sports marketing. In this regard, the binary

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     has accumulated 30 years of experience in sports marketing, the 1980s began sponsoring sports, to support the development of Chinese sports. As the International Women's Volleyball Tournament held in the 1980s, sponsored by Ma's Army in the 1990s, the National Games. In 1996, the binary on the badminton soon, time, binary funded the establishment of the Asia's first professional badminton club, binary badminton team is the first to get  nike huarache  the Chinese badminton team professional league championship, and won three consecutive years, China Badminton League champion. 2000 after the formation of binary Eagle basketball team, sponsored by China National expedition to climb Mount Everest. When the 2005 Sudirman Cup for the first time to China, the 

    Double Star sponsored the event; in 2011, the converse all star Double Star Group twelfth title Sudirman Cup world mixed team badminton championship, binary design a full range of professional badminton clothing debut high quality products recognized binary, binary and the International Badminton Federation entered into a strategic partnership. 2012 World Ultimate Sailing Series Qingdao station "Double Star Cup" tournament opening night at the Olympic Sailing Center Octagon Plaza, Qingdao Double Star celebrity for this station activities provide clothing, bags and other supplies, Vice Chairman of Qingdao City, Qingdao major representative Li Xuehai international sailing events (festivals) to the tournament organizing committee, the main sponsor of the Double Star 

    Group presented "outstanding Contribution Award." international extreme sailing series and the America's Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, sailing against the world and known as the International Sailing Tour linking the four special events this season in the world located eight races, Qingdao station is one of the second leg. Double Star Group in 2011 with the foundation of successful cooperation committee Qingdao station on 2012 but the title of the top events, known as the sports industry companies, binary and marine sports industry and common development, to achieve the sports city of Qingdao, sailing great development have made a positive contribution. For over 30 years, constantly involved in sports binary organized a series of events, activities, 

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